Pastor Nick Vujicic "Life Without Limbs"



Pastor Nick Vujicic is one of the most inspirational and beloved preachers in the world, bringing the message of Jesus Christ to millions worldwide


Pastor Nick Vujicic, author of the ground breaking best seller "Life Without Limbs" is one of the most dynamic, faith inspiring and Christ centric preachers in the world today.

His message aligns with the Gospel of Christ seamlessly, bringing unparalled conviction and personal experience to the pulpit in a way that is ensured to move, inspire and encourage all who hear it.



While we are in no way affiliated with Pastor Nick or his ministry, we encourage you to visit his website and purchase his amazing inspiring book "Life without Limbs". We promise you won't be the same after hearing his great message to all the world. We know we weren't. and neither will any who take the time to listen.




Can You Believe in Science, and God?


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